Why Choose Agamim?

We offer tuition-free, public education in a school culture that is more like a private academy: orderly, intellectual, committed, and joyful.

What children read, write about, memorize, and speak about matters. We use excellent, challenging, and inspiring content across the sciences and humanities because we know we are cultivating appetites for excellence.

Skill-grouped classes allow every child to accelerate their learning and reach for their highest potential.

Learning oratory, logic, grammar, and virtue turns students into scholars—regardless of their chosen profession as adults.

Classically trained thinkers have strong minds and great hearts. They are ready for leadership, scholarship, and citizenship.

Classical languages train the mind to think logically. We have selected a classical language that can be spoken today.

Virtues are habits. We are helping your children develop habits for fortitude, gratitude, joyfulness, temperance, and wisdom.

The founders of the United States were classically trained thinkers who created a nation grounded in the ideal of ensuring “liberty and justice for all.”

Our students and staff dress up for learning. Uniforms help us create a formal environment that shows respect for learning and respect for each other.

Classical education teachers are dynamic and caring content experts and are not facilitators who function as “guides on the side” for exploratory-style learning.