Classical American values: Liberty and E Pluribus Unum


Agamim Classical Academy believes that in order to educate the next generation of the American citizenry, preserve our democratic republic, and help our children live their lives to the fullest, we must teach them America’s founding values of E Pluribus Unum and Liberty. We must also show them how these important values are grounded in virtue and knowledge.

E Pluribus Unum (Latin for “from the many, one”) is a cherished American value that emphasizes what we have in common over focusing on our differences. This value is especially important to the development and advancement of America as we are a country of immigrants. Whether you are new to America or can tie your ancestry to the Mayflower or to the native peoples of our country, you are part of the American story and have a claim to the American Dream. We will teach our students that in America we believe all people have an equal opportunity to learn and to succeed, but it is up to us to seize this opportunity and work to the best of our ability to achieve our dreams and ambitions. Patterning after our nation, Agamim, too, will bring together families from many backgrounds. And we will celebrate our commonalities and recognize each student as an equally important member of the Agamim school community.

We also will study and uphold the great American gift of Liberty. Our nation’s founders were classically educated thinkers who understood that to be fully human we needed to be free—free to learn, live, be, and envision a better life for ourselves. This freedom enables us to live our lives in such a manner that brings us safety and happiness, but our application of virtue ensures we know how to be free while governing ourselves with right action. We must take great care to preserve and not impinge upon others’ equal rights to freedom. Agamim students will learn of the great sacrifices and dedication others have made to protect liberty at home and abroad. As John Adams taught, “Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom” so that they will not be enslaved by ignorance or by vice and will protect this American gift for posterity.veterans salute

Agamim staff and families will model and expect our students to be thoughtful Americans who are engaged in and proud of their country and communities. As a country that prides itself on liberty and unity, we must enable our children to have the fullest capacity for seizing their freedom and using it for the betterment of our great nation.