Virtue Education

 “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.” –Benjamin Franklin

We are honored to partner with parents in helping students grow intellectually and morally. Each lesson is an opportunity to practice a life of truth, beauty, and goodness. In language studies, students will learn how to speak carefully and precisely; in math and science, we will demonstrate honesty in presentation of data, persistence in the face of complex problems, and learning from mistakes; in literature and history we will study acts of great heroism and great moral failing–both essential in teaching children to see what is right; and in the arts we will examine what is beautiful and how we, too, can add joy, vitality, and humanity to our world. We also commit to living our virtues together as a school and creating opportunities to serve, care for, and give back to our community and the people of this country who give so much to us each day.

All children at Agamim Classical Academy will leave our school with a great knowledge and understanding of virtue, in particular our core five:

virtue paige
  • Fortitude
  • Gratitude
  • Joyfulness
  • Temperance
  • Wisdom

Although not intended to be an exhaustive representation of what is needed to be a good person, we believe that an intensive, daily focus on these five traits as modeled by our staff and families and studied within each curricular area will serve our students well in school and in life. In particular, we view gratitude as a fundamental and enabling virtue that compels us to work hard, live joyfully and with self-governance. Neuroscience and common sense support us in this idea, confirming that gratitude begets happiness (and also has the power to change for the better the physical structure of our brains).

So to model what we believe, we are grateful to you for learning about Agamim Classical Academy and considering our school for your children.