Childcare for Tier 1 Workers

All Tier 1 workers (listed below) that are listed in the Executive Order by Governor Walz can receive childcare for their children as long as you meet the following criteria:

  1. Your child is enrolled at Agamim Classical Academy
  2. Your child is between the ages of 5-12
  3. You are a Tier 1 Healthcare Worker, First Responder, or Essential Public Employee.


The program will run each school day from 8:00 AM-6:00 PM. 

8:00 AM-9:00 AM – Before Care

9:00 PM-4:00 PM – Distance Learning Academic Schedule (supported by paraprofessional)

4:00 PM-6:00 PM – After Care

Health Screening for Childcare

Your child will be screened for the following before being admitted to any Essential Worker Childcare at check-in:

  • Temperature of 100.4F or above
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

If your child has any of the above symptoms, he/she will not be allowed to enter the building and will be required to go home. If your child becomes ill during the day, he/she will be required to be picked up by parent or emergency contacts immediately.

Services for Essential Worker Childcare

More information regarding transportation and meals can be found in the Registration Form below.


Pre-Registration is required.

Fill out the form HERE.

List of Emergency & Essential Workers in Tier I under the Executive Order 

Healthcare personnel 

· Long-term facility personnel (full-time and part-time) 

o Group Homes and supportive housing settings 

o Residential Homes
o Nursing Homes 

o Residential mental health, substance use disorder, pediatric/adolescent residential treatment facilities 

· Post-acute Care personnel (full-time and part-time) 

o Long-term hospital 

o In-patient rehabilitation 

o Home Health
o Skilled nurses 

  • Home health and personal care attendants (PCAs) 
  • Adult, adolescent and pediatric residential mental health, behavioral health or substance use 

disorder treatment facilities, intensive residential treatment services (IRTS), emergency shelters, 

Health Care for the Homeless providers, and homeless drop-in centers 

  • MNsure Navigators 
  • County and tribal financial/eligibility workers for public programs 
  • State, tribal and county staff in emergency management or health and human services, including 

case managers and direct service delivery 

  • County and tribal child welfare 
  • Pharmacy employees necessary for filling prescriptions 
  • Personnel needed for direct care and critical administrative staff of the personnel needed for direct care 

o Community mental health providers 

o PCA/home health workers 

o Other workers providing direct care in a facility or in a person’s residence 

Emergency Medical Services personnel (full-time) 

  • Paramedics 
  • EMTs 
  • Immediate supervisory staff 
  • EMS Operators and dispatchers 
  • EMS region medical directors – necessary to make override decisions to direct ambulances to other ERs based on medical needs 

Law Enforcement personnel 

  • Full-time Police Officers and their supervisory staff 
  • Full-time Sheriffs and their supervisory staff 
  • Full time Minnesota DNR sworn conservation officers and their supervisory staff 
  • Full-time State Patrol Officers and their supervisory staff 
  • 911 Operators and dispatchers their supervisory staff 
  • Full-time Investigators (at the discretion of their Agency Chief) 

Firefighter personnel 

  • Full-time firefighters 
  • Paid on call duty crew 

Personnel Providing Correctional Services 

Minnesota Correctional Facility Staff 

  • Corrections officers 
  • Correctional Lieutenants 
  • Correctional Captains 
  • Physical plant 
  • Correctional facility case managers 
  • Correctional facility educators and educational paraprofessionals 
  • Wardens 
  • Associate wardens 
  • Correctional facility office assistants 
  • Correctional facility nurses and supervisors 
  • Correctional program therapists 
  • Correctional facility IT staff 
  • Correctional facility Human Resources staff 
  • Correctional facility financial services personnel 
  • Correctional facility records personnel 
  • Correctional facility safety officers 

Centralized Correctional Operations Personnel 

  • Medical director 
  • Director of health services 
  • Reentry Services personnel 
  • Policy and legal services personnel 
  • Offender transportation personnel 
  • Centralized records personnel 
  • Centralized human resources personnel 
  • Investigators – Office of Special Investigations/Professional Accountability 
  • Minnesota Department of Corrections personnel assigned to Incident Management Team 
  • Minnesota Department of Corrections personnel assigned to Continuity of Operations team 
  • Minnesota Department of Corrections government and community relations personnel 
  • Minnesota Department of Corrections Hearings and Release Unit personnel 
  • Minnesota Department of Corrections Behavioral Health Unit personnel 
  • Minnesota Department of Corrections – Communications Unit 
  • Minnesota Department of Corrections – Office of Commissioner 

Minnesota Correctional Supervision Services 

  • State Probation officers and supervisors 
  • State Probation agents and supervisors 
  • State Supervised release agents and supervisors 
  • State intensive supervised release agents and supervisors 
  • County Probation officers and supervisors 
  • County Probation agents and supervisors 
  • County Supervised release agents and supervisors 
  • County intensive supervised release agents and supervisors 

Public Health Personnel 

  • State, tribal and local public health employees directly supporting the response of COVID-19 and other infectious disease operations 
  • State, tribal and local public health officials responding to imminent public health threats 
  • Newborn health screeners 
  • State, tribal and local public health lab priority services 
  • State, city, county and tribal emergency management essential personnel supporting COVID-19 

Court Personnel 

· Full-time Court personnel