Distance Learning


March 30, 2020 – May 4 2020 (Governor Walz may extend this)

Agamim teachers will use two platforms: Edmodo and Zoom

EDMODO – Online Classroom

All Agamim teachers—homeroom, art/music/Hebrew, and skill group reading and math—are using Edmodo to simulate an online classroom.

We use Edmodo to:

  • Take daily attendance and engage with our students each day
  • Post daily assignments for students and families by 9 AM
  • Store pre-recorded instructional videos
  • Provide online quizzes or questions of the day
  • And more!

Student Edmodo Sign-Up Page

You will need to obtain the password for this document from your child’s homeroom teacher or by emailing info@agamim.org. Verification for being an Agamim Parent/Guardian will be required before we release the password.

ZOOM – Live Classroom/Group Meetings

Students and families do not need a Zoom account to attend live classroom help sessions, group events or meetings, or have a phone call with staff using Zoom. Staff will send out instructions to you before March 30th.

To participate in live conversations, we ask students and families to abide by these two rules for decorum.

  • UNIFORM TOP WHEN ON CAMERA: In keeping with our school’s commitment to E Pluribus Unum and to our formal culture for learning, your child must be wearing an Agamim logo top to participate on camera in any live Zoom video sessions. If your child is not in uniform, his/her video may be blocked. 
  • BACKGROUND NOISE/ACTIVITY: Please know that Zoom video and phone calls pick up a lot of background noise and activity. To protect all students from intentional or unintentional inappropriate background activity or other forms of noise/visual disruption, we ask families to help their children find an appropriate place to do quiet work during live conversations or group meetings.  


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