Moving To Edina

5300 France Avenue South, Edina, MN, 55410

Due to high demand, Agamim Classical Academy is excited to make its new home in Edina at 5300 France Avenue South in July 2019!

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Quick Facts

  • 4.2 Miles away (10 minute drive) from current location
  • Transportation will largely remain the same, with an addition of a southern  metro area bus
  • Large indoor gym and racquetball court
  • Premier Location; near Hwy. 100, Hwy 62, 50th & France, and Excelsior Blvd. 
  • Nearby Amenities: Coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants, malls, daycares
  • Arden Park is two blocks away and currently being renovated (scheduled to open this Fall 2019). It will have a playground, trail, hockey rink, and Minnehaha Creek.
  • York Park is .7 miles away and has a playground, baseball field, and sledding hill
  • Pamela Park is .7 miles away has an enormous sporting complex (soccer, baseball), turf field, and playground

Goal: $300,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we need to move?

  • We have had an enormously successful first four years and have completely run out of space in our current school home in Hopkins.  We knew this would be the case in year two and have been looking for school spaces since then. Our boundary for looking has always been to find something between 494 and 394, 169 and 100. But in many years of searching for our current building and the next, we have little to no options that are zoned for a school and that we could afford at so young an age.
  • If we did not find more space for the 2019-2020 school year, our 7thand 8thgrade students would have had to have their homeroom in the cafeteria and then the next year in the gym.  That would have been a very creative way to stay in our current building and keep us altogether, but there are many reasons why that solution would be less than ideal. 
  • The current configuration of our Hopkins site has been maxed out. We have been as clever with our space as we can be with multi-purpose rooms and offices and closets turned into offices, OT space, and testing room/storage. 

Is the Edina space big enough for Agamim’s future growth K-8?

  • Yes. This new space meets most of our hopes and dreams, but of course isn’t perfect because we didn’t build it for our program.  It has always had schools in it, but each school has had to make trade-offs to make it work for their unique needs.  But—that said, we have good, inventive plans for making the space work for at least 5 years and maybe much longer. 
  • One area of need for our school is special education programming space. Fortunately our new building has space to meet our program needs now and as we grow. This is key as we continue to value inclusion as a school model but also know special education needs more need-specific spaces.
  • A big advantage of the Edina site is that it has more space for overflow needs—like small skill groups, storage (in a next door duplex, for example), stage/performance space separate from the gym, concert space in the sanctuary, and more.
  • More parking!  Air conditioning! 
  • Nearby parks (closest: Arden—two small blocks; York—0.7 miles) with incredible and varied play spaces, trails, and lots of opportunities for science/natural learning spaces.

How long is the new lease?

  • We signed a 7-year lease with an early out at 5 years. We believe this will give us the time we need to grow our K-8 on one campus while also pursuing options for a future, K-12 space. We might be able to do this in the Edina space, but if not, we want to be ready. 

Where will my child’s classroom be? Where will specialists be?

  • It is too early for this to be determined. Some of the rooms (chapel) need some reconfiguration this summer to meet code and to make them efficient spaces for a public, K-8 school.

Will the church use the classrooms?

  • The church will use four classrooms (TBD) for Sunday ministries. We currently share the whole building with our Hopkins church landlord. 

Since the site is shared, what are your security plans?

  • Fortunately we share the space with a day care that also needs high level security. We are working with the church right now to make security plans that include how to manage access, where to install our security system cameras, and more. Since the space has housed many private and charter schools, we are learning from them how best to manage the security of the space.

How will busing be affected?

  • Our bus company envisions not too much change to current routes. A few minutes will likely be added to the end of the route on the way to school. We also will add another bus to meet recruitment demand in the southern area of our boundary: Edina, Eden Prairie, Northern Bloomington, Richfield. 

Are school hours changing?

  • No.  We will be 9 AM to 4 PM in 2019-2020. We would only change our start/end times if we changed from a second-tier busing program to a first tier busing program. 

Where will pick up and drop off be?

  • We are working with the City of Edina to make a safe and efficient traffic plan that we will share with families once finalized. The most efficient entrance to the school is not off France but instead through the alley behind the school—accessed from 54thStreet.
  • Agamim has the northern section of the parking lot devoted to school use. The other parking spaces are for the day care and the church. 
  • We will notbe able to use the drive way in front of the church on France Avenue for traffic and safety reasons.

Does the new kitchen offer any changes to the food service program?

  • We will be working this summer to get the kitchen/café up to code so that we can continue to run our food service program as it is today.  If we secure a lot of donations for future kitchen renovation, and the church is open to it, we could possibly—maybe!—offer food cooked on site. 

Will Before and After Care still be offered?  Do you know where it will be in the building?

  • We will still have Before and After Care at the same hours. We’ll know the location in the summer. 

Will additional clubs be offered because of the change of space?

  • Most likely yes! We will continue running our current and most popular clubs. We also have great hopes for more sports offerings as the building (larger gym, racquetball court, big lot) and neighbourhood parks have the infrastructure to do so. If you are interested in coaching…. 😊

What are the plans for a playground?

  • We are working with the church to see what can go on the greenspace between the parking lot and the shrub line on France as well as on the parking lot (coned off). Our students love running games, foursquare, and basketball—all doable. We also can take quick breaks in the gym/racquetball court. 
  • We will update families as we know more and can use volunteer help/donations!   

Email questions to Ms. Morton at