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Miranda Morton comes to Agamim Classical Academy with over fifteen years’ experience in classical education. Ms. Morton began her career teaching 7th and 8th grade English, science, and art history at a classical charter school in Wisconsin. In 2008 she moved into a leadership position at Nova Classical Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota where she served first as Director of the Lower School and then Director of the Upper School. Ms. Morton has extensive experience in the classical framework, Core Knowledge, and charter school law and practices.

As a foreign language and travel enthusiast, Ms. Morton is excited to work with the Agamim board to open the first classical education charter school in Minnesota that includes Latin and Greek language study alongside a daily course in Modern Hebrew. Ms. Morton was attracted to Agamim’s focus on producing well-rounded citizens who value the rich cultural and intellectual history of America and who will understand through their studies what it means to forge an American identity grounded in the ideals of liberty, E Pluribus Unum, wisdom, reason, and gratitude.

Ms. Morton holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History and Art from Lawrence University and a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership from Cardinal Stritch University. She and her husband, Alex, enjoy spending time with their two sons. Ms. Morton’s interests include reading, cooking, traveling, opera, art history, and enjoying time outdoors in the beautiful Twin Cities.

Ms. Morton can be reached at extension 301 and by email at mmorton@agamim.org.


Ms. Gerling, ext. 302, kgerling@agamim.org


Ms. Eckholm, ext. 300, seckholm@agamim.org


Ms. Wilmot, awilmot@indigoed.org


Kindergarten TeacherMs. Schneider, pschneider@agamim.org
Kindergarten TeacherMs. Luloff, sluloff@agamim.org
1st Grade Teacher: Ms. Kane, mkane@agamim.org
2nd and 3rd Grade Teacher: Ms. Barrios, ebarrios@agamim.org
2nd and 3rd Grade Teacher: Ms. Michels, kmichels@agamim.org
4th and 5th Grade Teacher: Ms. Ensminger, jensminger@agamim.org
4th and 5th Grade Teacher: Ms. Anderson, eanderson@agamim.org
Modern Hebrew Teacher: Ms. Benjamin, nbenjamin@agamim.org
Modern Hebrew Teacher: Mr. Tamari, rtamari@agamim.org
ESL Teacher: Mr. Wetzler, hwetzler@agamim.org
Special Education Teacher: Ms. Donofrio, jdonofrio@agamim.org
Special Education Teacher: Ms. Nystrom, dnystrom@agamim.org
Special Education Teacher: Ms. Plevell, mplevell@agamim.org

Paraprofessional Team:
Mr. Barrios, mbarrios@agamim.org
Ms. Goldfarb, lgoldfarb@agamim.org
Ms. Roston, hroston@agamim.org
Ms. Davison, rdavison@agamim.org
Ms. Brown, rbrown@agamim.org
Mr. Mason, jmason@agamim.org
Mr. Ramberg, sramberg@agamim.org
Ms. Scheepens, nscheepens@agamim.org
Mr. Scheepens, ascheepens@agamim.org
Ms. Peach, mpeach@agamim.org 

School Psychologist: Dr. Anderson, douganderson@solutionsandstrengths.com
Speech and Language Clinician: Ms. Hagan, becky.hagan.slp@gmail.com
School Nurse: Minnesota Visiting Nurse, Ms. Kreiman, jkreiman@agamim.org
Autism Therapy Consultant: Ms. Busse, kim@bussereid.com
Developmental Delay Consultant: Ms. Schlegel, jess.schlegel@me.com
Occupational Therapy: Ms. Egner, allison@otmtherapy.com
Behavioral Specialist: Ms. Vayder, l.vayder@yahoo.com

Human Rights Coordinator:  Ms. Morton, mmorton@agamim.org, 952-856-2531

Title IX Coordinator: Ms. Morton, mmorton@agamim.org, 952-856-2531,

504 Coordinator: Ms. Donofrio, jdonofrio@agamim.org, 952-856-2531


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