School Uniforms

Agamim Classical Academy students wear uniforms provided by Tommy Hillfiger and Land’s End. All the options under your child’s age are available dress code options.




Agamim Classical Academy is proud to be a school of excellence where scholarship, leadership, a culture of formality, and safety are valued in our community and on display in our student uniform code.  In keeping with our cherished American value of e pluribus unum, we also are proud that our uniforms help forge a shared identity amongst students and remove distractions to learning for all students.

Note: Exceptions and accommodations can be made for religious or health reasons by contacting the school’s Executive Director.

  • Uniforms must be properly-sized, clean, and in good condition
  • Appearance must be neat, hair color is a natural color, and accessories must be minimal and non-distracting
  • Uniforms must include the logo each day (shirt, vest, or jumper)
  • Uniform pieces should be labeled with the child’s name
  • Uniform assistance is available.  Please contact the Main Office at



  • Logoed Polo (long or short sleeves):  Colors are navy, red, or light blue.
  • Logoed Oxford (long-sleeved): Colors are white and light blue.
  • Logoed Peter Pan-Collared Polo (long or short sleeves): Color is white.



  • Tan or Navy–Dress Pants, Skort, or Walking Shorts (Navy, Brown, or Plaid belt should be used if belt loops are visible).
  • Navy or Plaid Jumper



  • Socks or Tights (*White, navy, or black).



  • Plain tennis shoes–no lights/wheels/characters
  • Plain brown or navy shoe.


  • Sweater Vest (Logo, navy blue)
  • Cardigan (Navy blue, no logo needed)
  • Fleece jacket (Logo, navy blue full-zip or red quarter-zip)
  • Blazer (Logo, navy blue)
  • Tie (Navy and red stripe)
  • Plaid headband (Matches the school’s plaid jumper)
  • Plaid belt (Matches the school’s plaid jumper)
  • Leggings (Cold weather option worn with socks–white, navy, or black)
    Under layer (Cold weather option worn underneath polo shirt–solid white, navy, or black.  No patterns.)
  • Jumper (Logo, navy or the school’s plaid)